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10 Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services in the UK in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks | Pet Keen

We all want to give our dogs the best possible food packed with healthy and species-appropriate ingredients, all while offering a delicious taste that will get our pup’s taste buds tingling. A raw food diet is one way to provide this, but it can take a lot of research, preparation, and ingredient sourcing. Commercial fresh dog food offers a bridge between commercial foods—which can be over-processed and mundane—and fresh home-cooked food.

Fresh dog food is a somewhat broad term that can range from cans of wet dog food to raw meat. Costs can vary wildly, too, and because of the freshness of the ingredients, speedy delivery matters.

Below, we have included reviews of 10 of the best fresh food dog deliveries in the UK from all layers of the fresh food spectrum. We’ve also included a guide to buying fresh food for your dog to help you buy the best meal options for your pet pooch.

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners (2022)

The 10 Best Fresh Dog Food Deliveries in the UK

1. Butternut Box – Best Overall

butternut box beef it up

Food Type: Prepared Meals
Dog Lifestage: All
Subscription? Yes

Butternut Box is a subscription delivery service offering lightly cooked, freshly prepared meals delivered to your door. Users fill in a questionnaire about their dogs and Butternut Box will customise meals according to the dog’s age, energy levels, tastes, and other factors.

The food is delivered in insulated boxes and all the packaging can be recycled. Meals are portioned for you, which not only saves you the effort but also means that you won’t have half-empty cans of dog food festering in the fridge. Recipes include chow down chicken, beef it up, gobble gobble turkey, wham bam lamb, pork this way, and oh my cod. There is a good variety of recipes using different meat proteins, and all the recipes are made with 60% of the primary meat ingredient.

The only real downside to the service is that they deliver every 3 weeks or every month, and the food needs to be stored in the freezer. You will need a lot of freezer space, especially if you are buying for multiple dogs. But, overall, we believe this to be the best overall fresh dog food delivery in the UK.

  • Good variety of recipes to keep your dog’s interest
  • Made with human-grade ingredients, ensuring quality nutrition
  • Feeding plan is formulated specifically for your dog
  • Food comes portioned
  • Requires a lot of freezer space

2. 4PawsRaw 80/10/10 Raw Mix – Best Value

4PawsRaw 80 10 10 Raw Mix

Food Type: Raw
Dog Lifestage: All
Subscription? No

4PawsRaw 80/10/10 Raw Mix is raw meat that is frozen and delivered to your door. The food comes in packs of cubes and consists solely of animal-based ingredients. The meat is human grade, which means no food that has reached the end of its shelf life. The packs not only consist of meat from the animal but also bones and organs, which are considered an important part of a raw food diet.

The packs are inexpensive, and because they are human-grade ingredients, 4PawsRaw Complete 80/10/10 Raw Mix is our choice as the best value fresh dog food delivery in the UK. However, these packs do consist only of meat and animal ingredients, and while dogs are carnivores, they cannot exist on a diet of meat alone, so you will need to supplement with additional ingredients like vegetables. Also, to get the best deal, you will need to buy a large pack, in this case, consisting of nearly 17 kilograms of meat.

  • 100% meat and animal ingredients
  • Uses human-grade ingredients
  • An inexpensive way to buy quality meat ingredients
  • Meat needs supplementing with other ingredients
  • Large pack needs a lot of freezer space

3. Encore 100% Natural Wet Dog Food

Encore 100% Natural Wet Dog Food

Food Type: Complete Wet Food
Dog Lifestage: Adult
Subscription? No

Encore 100% Natural Wet Dog Food is a commercial wet food, but it uses natural ingredients, is high in protein, and 43% of its ingredients are meat and animal based. Roughly 24% of the ingredients are vegetables, which does help ensure that your dog is getting a nutritionally-balanced diet without you having to do the research and work out vitamin and nutrient levels yourself. Because the food is canned, it is also somewhat easier to store and more convenient than frozen fresh food that takes up a lot of freezer space.

This is an expensive food, but it doesn’t contain fillers and is free from preservatives and other unwanted ingredients. It is also high in protein, although the 82% moisture level is evident in the food as it does have a somewhat sloppy texture in the bowl.

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • 42% meat content
  • Balanced meal that doesn’t require any supplementary ingredients
  • Expensive
  • Very wet and messy

4. MjAMjAM Wet Dog Food Junior – Best for Puppies

MjAMjAM Wet Dog Food Junior

Food Type: Complete Wet Food
Dog Lifestage: Puppy
Subscription? No

MjAMjAM is another canned wet food, this time targeted at puppies and young dogs. It has a very high meat content, containing 93.5% meat and offal with the rest of the ingredients being egg, chia seeds, eggshells, safflower oil, and minerals. It is a complete food, which means that you won’t need to add any supplementary ingredients to ensure your puppy gets a well-balanced diet.

It consists of 11% protein and 6.5% fat with 78% moisture, which are suitable levels for puppies aged up to 12 months. Puppies need higher levels of protein and fat than adult dogs because they are constantly growing and use their reserves to develop. It is an expensive food but is packed with meat and palatable to dogs thanks to good quality ingredients.

  • Complete food that meets nutritional requirements of puppies
  • 93.% meat means high-quality protein for your developing puppy
  • 11% protein and 6.5% fat are good for growing puppies

5. Different Dog

Diffrent Dog Recipe

Food Type: Prepared Meals
Dog Lifestage: All
Subscription? Yes

Different Dog is a fresh food delivery service that requires a subscription and hand prepares dishes for your dog according to questions you answer and information you provide when you sign up. The service is expensive, but all meals are prepared using fresh, quality ingredients.

There is also a wide range of meals to choose from and all recipes consist of 60% meat with the remainder being vegetables and minerals to ensure a complete, balanced diet for your dog. In total, there are 20 recipes to choose from, including seasonal options that benefit from fresh ingredients, and the company recently introduced menus specifically designed for dogs with conditions like obesity or heart complaints.

The food is expensive, although you can opt for a half portion that meets 50% of your dog’s dietary requirements, or a topper option that supplements dry kibble or other food. Freezer space is an issue because these meals come in pots rather than pouches, and they do require freezing until 24 hours before use.

  • Huge range of recipe and subscription options
  • Meals consist of 60% meat and animal ingredients
  • Recipes include seasonal meals to ensure fresh meals
  • Expensive
  • Pots take up a lot of freezer space

6. Bella & Duke Working Dog Raw Food Variety Box

Bella & Duke Working Dog Raw Food Variety Box

Food Type: Yes
Dog Lifestage: Adult
Subscription? No

The Bella & Duke Working Dog Raw Food Variety box consists of 16 trays at 500 grams each of raw food. The variety box includes two trays each of turkey, chicken, beef, tripe, duck, white fish, salmon, and lamb. All recipes contain a minimum of 80% of the main meat protein, with seasonal vegetables and other natural ingredients making up the rest of the recipe.

The food is high quality, and it has very high protein levels between 15%–20%, with this particular food targeted at working dogs only. The protein level would be too high for inactive dogs. This pack is also meant for adult dogs and is not nutritionally ideal for puppies.

The food is very reasonably priced when bought in the large variety box, but you will need plenty of storage space. It is made with human-grade ingredients, but it is worth noting that some of the recipes include two or even three protein sources, so it is not ideal for an elimination diet or for dogs with allergies to particular proteins.

  • Designed for active, working dogs
  • Made from human-grade ingredients
  • Good price for high-quality ingredients
  • Protein levels are too high for non-working dogs
  • Need a lot of storage space to hold 16 trays

7. Poppy’s Picnic

Poppy’s Picnic Recipe

Food Type: Raw
Dog Lifestage: All
Subscription? Yes

Poppy’s Picnic is a fresh food subscription service with meals for dogs and cats. The food is primarily meat-based with some vegetables and other natural ingredients, and it is one of the cheaper raw food subscription services available. There are no fillers and no artificial additives, so you know exactly what your dog is eating for every carefully planned meal. However, it is worth noting that this is a raw food service, which means uncooked meat and animal ingredients.

Poppy’s Picnic has a good selection of meal options from turkey to beef and even venison. They also have raw treats, so you can keep up the raw feeding plan while offering some tasty tidbits to your pup.

The food is quality, prepared according to your dog’s requirements, and delivered to your door. It is also a reasonable price for this kind of food and service. You will need adequate freezer space, however, and a raw food diet isn’t ideal for all dog owners. Ensure you follow the company’s feeding and preparation guidelines, and especially make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands after handling raw meat.

  • Raw food subscription service with tailored meal plans
  • Meals consist of between 70% and 80% meat
  • Meals are tailored to your dog’s requirements
  • Raw food diet isn’t ideal for everybody
  • Need adequate freezer space for storage
  • Must wash hands after handling raw meat

8. Nutriment Enhanced Adult Working Dogs Raw Food

Nutriment Enhanced Adult Working Dogs Raw Food

Food Type: Raw
Dog Lifestage: Adult
Subscription? No

Nutriment Enhanced Adult Working Dogs Raw Food is another raw food option and another food meant primarily for adult working dogs. This value pack consists of 10 trays, each weighing 500 grams, and you will need freezer space to hold them until they need defrosting. Recipes include beef, duck, lamb, salmon, and turkey.

All Nutriment dog foods contain between 60%–90% meat and also include fresh vegetables, fruit, oils, and other natural ingredients—no fillers and no artificial additives.

The food is quite expensive, even when you buy a bulk pack of 10 trays like this order. But the ingredients are high quality, and Nutriment does offer a broad range of recipes designed for dogs of all ages, weights, and activity levels. As with all raw food and most fresh food options, you will need to find the freezer space to store the food, however.

  • Up to 90% meat content
  • No artificial additives or filler
  • Quite expensive
  • This particular food is only for adult working dogs

9. MjAMjAM Natural Wet Dog Food

MjAMjAM Natural Wet Dog Food

Food Type: Complete Wet
Dog Lifestage: Adult
Subscription? No

MjAMjAM is a natural food that is free from preservatives and does not contain lactose, gluten, or sugar. It is a complete food that has up to 93.5% real meat with additional ingredients like fruit and vegetables added to ensure that the food is a complete meal that meets all the dietary requirements of your dog.

The food is quite wet, which means it can make a mess, but it also helps ensure that your dog is well hydrated. MjAMjAM food is also expensive but is made from high-quality ingredients and tends to be appealing to a dog’s palate because of the high meat content.

  • Fully balanced diet to meet nutritional requirements
  • 85% or more meat content
  • High in moisture, so a bit sloppy
  • Expensive

10. Karnlea Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

Karnlea Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

Food Type: Bone Broth
Dog Lifestage: All
Subscription? No

Bone broth is a broth made from meat bones. It contains collagen, glucosamine, glycine, and other nutrients. It is safe for dogs to drink, and it can give your pup nutrients and ingredients that it might be missing, especially if you feed a dry kibble or other complete food. It is also considered a good addition to kibble because it is moist, and it tastes and smells of meat, so it gives extra appeal to a potentially boring mealtime.

Karnlea Bone Broth For Dogs And Cats is made from 3 ingredients: beef bones, apple cider vinegar, and water. It is cooked slowly to retain the nutrients and comes in a carton that can be kept in the cupboard. This isn’t a complete meal at all, but bone broth can be especially beneficial to dogs with diarrhoea or dehydration or dogs that are old or recovering from illness. It makes a good addition to a natural diet and is, itself, made from natural ingredients.

  • Can be stored in the cupboard
  • Contains over 3.5g of collagen per 100ml
  • Can combat diarrhoea and aid hydration
  • Only a topper for a complete meal


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery in the UK

Getting the right dog food means finding a nutritionally-balanced food that your dog finds appealing. As well as the choice of wet food or dry food, you will have to sift through options labelled as hypoallergenic, 100% natural, and fresh food. But which one is the right food for your dog?

What Is Fresh Dog Food?

There is no strict definition of “fresh dog food,” but it is typically meant to mean that it uses natural ingredients, does not contain unnecessary fillers, and isn’t heavily processed. Some commercial, canned wet foods are considered fresh, but the term can also refer to food that is lightly cooked before being frozen or even raw food that isn’t cooked at all and is meant as part of a raw food diet.

Food Types

Some of the main types of dog food that fall under the category of fresh food include:

  • Complete Food: A complete food is one that is nutritionally balanced to meet all of your dog’s protein, fibre, vitamin, and mineral levels. Feeding the recommended amount will give your dog everything it needs to develop and stay healthy. A complete food does not need to be mixed with any other food type, and it can be wet or dry food. Complete fresh food is usually either wet or raw food.
  • Supplemental Food: Supplemental food does not meet all of the nutritional requirements a dog has, but it is meant as part of a daily diet. It can consist of anything from a bone broth packed with collagen to raw meat and offal. Dogs are carnivores but they cannot live on a diet of meat alone, so meat, no matter how high quality the meat, is not considered a complete food source.
  • Food Toppers: Food toppers are a type of food that is added to the top of an existing meal. They can be nutritionally balanced and complete or meant as a supplementary addition. They may also be used to pep up the flavour of the food and to make it more appealing to your dog. Toppers offer a cost-effective and convenient method of adding fresh food to an existing diet of commercial food options. Some, but not all, subscription services offer a topper option rather than a full meal menu service.
  • Raw Food: A raw food diet is meant to closely mimic the diet your dog would eat in the wild. It typically consists of raw meat, ground bones, and organs and offal from the animal, as well as some vegetables and fruits. Proponents of the raw feeding diet claim that their dogs are healthier, have better conditioned coats, and are less prone to anxiety and other problems. Opponents state that raw meat can harbour bacteria that lead to infections and illness, and that handling the raw meat also introduces owners to these potential pathogens. One of the obstacles of raw feeding is the time and effort it takes to research and prepare the meals, but buying raw food does help alleviate this particular problem.

Subscription Services

As well as the option of having fresh dog food delivered to your door on an as-needed basis, there are subscription services that regularly post measured and prepared food to your home. These services typically require that you provide details of your dog so that they can come up with a structured meal plan.

You pay a regular subscription, and the food is delivered, usually frozen, and lasts for the entire subscription period. Such services mean that you don’t need to order food every month, and they are usually customised to the exact requirements of your dog. But, because the food is frozen and delivered to you, these meals can take up a lot of room in the freezer and you will need to defrost a tray or pack before you can serve it.



There are various types of fresh dog food, as well as different ways to have it delivered to your home. Whether you want a lightly processed wet food that uses fresh ingredients that is free from filler or packets of raw meat and offal to accommodate a raw feeding plan, we have included reviews of 10 of the best fresh dog food deliveries in the UK above.

We found Butternut Box, a subscription delivery service that tailors its deliveries to the nutritional needs of your dog, is the best overall fresh food delivery, while 4PawsRaw 80/10/10 Raw food is excellent value for high-quality raw meat.

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