Month: December 2019

Tips to Maintain Rabbits at Home for Longevity

Many people are afraid of raising rabbits because they are classified as animals that die easily. But actually with the right care, these cute and cute animals can live more than ten years, you know. Here are tips to keep rabbits recommended for you!

1) Provide a comfortable, clean and spacious cage

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Before raising a rabbit, you must provide the cage first. The cage must be comfortable, clean, shady and spacious enough for the rabbit to move. If you intend to keep two rabbits, you should separate the cages, one cage for one rabbit. Don’t forget to clean it 2 … Read More

4 These Animals Are Suitable for Your Busy Caring and Don’t Want to be Complicated!

Keeping animals is fun! In addition to accompanying you at home, raising animals can also make you more caring and responsible. For those of you who have a myriad of activities, you should keep animals that are easy to care for. Here are 4 pets that are easy to care for and don’t make you complicated!

1) You are lonely, taking care of birds is the right choice.

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Do you live alone and often feel lonely? I suggest you keep only birds. There are many types of birds that you can choose, for example parrots, older siblings, parakeets, walnuts, finches, … Read More

4 Important Tips for Maintaining The Tiny Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are rodents smaller in size than rabbits. Many people like to take care of it because it is funny, adorable and attractive war. Similar to rabbits, raising guinea pigs also requires patience and patience. For who intend to care for these tiny animals, first consider these tips for keeping guinea pigs!

1) Prepare a Comfortable and Clean Enclosure

It is better to keep the guinea pig outside the house, but make the cage as comfortable as possible and calm, not exposed to the sun and rain. Guinea pigs are very active and agile, so prepare a wide cage. … Read More

A Real Sign that Your Dog Is Depressed.

Dogs are one type of animal that can be made friends by humans. During this time the dog may be known to be sensitive to the mood of their owners. If the owner is sad, usually the dog will continue to be together and try to entertain the owner. As a good owner, are you also sensitive to your pet’s feelings? Because it turns out not only humans can be affected by depression, but your dog is also vulnerable to experience it, you know.

Some things that can make your dog depressed are left behind for a long time by … Read More

Not Just Cute and Adorable, These 5 Things Are Proof That Cats Are the Cleanest Animals!

It is undeniable that cats are one of the animals that are loved by many people. Not only looks cute and adorable, this one pet also has many advantages. For example it can be a friend to the host and entertain the owner. In addition, cats are also one of the animals that are classified as clean, from head to toe.

Wonder how clean this cute furry animal is? Come on, just see the full explanation below! After reading it, I hope you become more affectionate with this cute girl, yeah!

1. Unlike other animals, a study says that most Read More