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8 Reasons Why Cats are Purrfect Household Pets

By Marian Godwin on Aug 31, 2022

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Anyone who has an animal at home will always claim that they are the best household pet. Cats and dogs are two of the most popular domesticated pets worldwide.

The debate about these great companions has been going on for centuries; however, these reasons listed below will help you understand why cats are great pets. 

They are Clean

One of the biggest reasons cats tend to be cleaner is their grooming themselves. Because of this, the number of bathes will reduce, and you won’t have to clean them constantly. If you have a dog, you know that you must groom them regularly, or else it can become unpleasant or unhygienic at home. Keep in mind that some cats may have long hair that may require grooming but are mostly clean. Learn about grey fluffy cats today. 

Low Maintenance 

Dogs are great household pets; however, they are high maintenance compared to cats. These feline creatures are very simple to manage and take care of, even if you are a first-time owner. Remember that low maintenance does not mean you have to ignore them, but you will spend less time on them. They are convenient and require less training compared to dogs. 

They are Quiet 

If you have concerns regarding the noise levels of owning a pet, then you must consider getting a cat. Most dog owners know that their pets are loud and not quiet animals. The slightest of things can cause them to bark, whereas a cat’s meows or purrs are quiet and more peaceful. It doesn’t matter where you stay; cats are quieter and less annoying, which can benefit a household pet. 

They Don’t Need Walks 

Another great benefit about having kittens as household pets is that they require no walks. Most dogs need outdoor exercise to stay fit and healthy, while cats are small enough to get their exercise done at home. It is one of the best reasons for owning a cat because you do not have to rush your pet in the middle of the night so that they can do their business. All you need is a litter box that is kept in one portion of the room. However, you can take them outside, but most owners find the indoor exercise benefit quite appealing. 

Reduce Pests at Home 

If you have problems related to pests or bugs in your home, owning a cat can help solve your issue. Cats are known to have natural predator instincts, and because of this, they hunt for these tiny little insects. While it may sound a bit off to you but it is enough to keep your home safe from creepy crawlies without any hassle. They will help eliminate different pests and help you stay happy and bug-free. 

They are Independent 

Cats are independent creatures that are perfect for your home. They are not only easy to maintain but also require less attention compared to dogs. The best part about them is they love enjoying time to themselves and they love sleeping for long hours. Cats are also quite easy to train so once they get used to their routine, you can concentrate on your daily life. 

Excellent Apartment Pets 

If you are living in an apartment, cats are considered better pets because of all of the reasons mentioned above. This means that they require less space, and most of the time, they easily adjust to their surroundings. To improve their movement, you can even consider adding some vertical space that can work great for you. Ensure that you have arranged for the basics, such as a food bowl, water bowl, some toys, litter box, and a cozy place to sleep. 

They are Good for Health 

Lastly, having a cat as a household pet can be good for your health as it can help you reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Studies or research have shown that cats are great in keeping you healthy by reducing the risk of having a heart attack. Because cats are great at reducing pests, they can reduce the risks of common allergies like ragweed, dust mites, and so on. 

Final Thoughts 

These are eight reasons you should know before deciding on the animal you want to make your household pet. Cats seem a great option; however, it all comes down to your preference. You can consider cat sitting so that you can experience it firsthand before you get one for yourself. 

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