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A Real Sign that Your Dog Is Depressed.

Dogs are one type of animal that can be made friends by humans. During this time the dog may be known to be sensitive to the mood of their owners. If the owner is sad, usually the dog will continue to be together and try to entertain the owner. As a good owner, are you also sensitive to your pet’s feelings? Because it turns out not only humans can be affected by depression, but your dog is also vulnerable to experience it, you know.

Some things that can make your dog depressed are left behind for a long time by the owner, too long locked in a closed place, moving house, one of the family members of the owner has died, and many more. Then what are the symptoms? If you want to know more, read this article in full, yes!

1. Loss of appetite

If your feelings are chaotic or sad, you definitely don’t feel like eating, right? Well, that doesn’t just happen to you, but your pet dog too. You might think that your dog is bored with food. However, if the food has been replaced but he still does not want to eat and he lost a lot of weight, he could be affected by depression.

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2. Loss of enthusiasm or interest in playing

Was your dog very active and energetic when asked to play? When you throw a toy or stick, he will immediately run to get it? If so, you need to be vigilant if he doesn’t want to do it again. Especially if he looks uninspired and does not want to do it in a long period of time.

3. Licking the body itself more often than usual

One reason why dogs like to lick their bodies is to clean themselves. But, if you notice him licking his body more often than usual, beware. This was done not to make himself cleaner, but to calm himself who felt stressed or depressed.

4. Your beloved dog becomes more aggressive

Pets surely like the attention of their owners, right? However, when you try to stroke his head or fur, your dog suddenly becomes aggressive. Not only aggressive to you, it also applies to other people or animals in the same house. That should be watched out for, especially if it happens continuously. In addition, other changes such as frequently chewing chairs, shoes, or other objects continuously. can also be a sign that he is depressed.

5. More often spend time to sleep

Your pet dog and someone else’s dog may have a different sleep pattern. So there is no definite benchmark how long a dog’s sleep time can be used to indicate that he is depressed. But, if you pay attention to your dog, which usually only sleeps for 14 hours, suddenly changes to 20 hours and if it happens for days, check it could be a symptom of depression.

6. Be in hiding longer

It’s no secret that this one pet likes to hide under a bed, table or cupboard. However, you should be vigilant if he hides longer than usual and does not go out. Moreover, if the incident lasts for days.

7. No longer doing fun activities

Besides playing, maybe one of your pet’s favorite activities is welcoming you when you get home. Usually, he will immediately bark or come to you when he knows you are at home. But, if lately your dog doesn’t do that when he sees you, you should suspect him, you know. There must be something bothering him, maybe it is also because he has depression or depression.

Those are some signs that indicate that your pet is depressed. Well, if you find a lot of the symptoms above occur in your dog, immediately take it to the vet in order to get better treatment. In addition, give more attention to your dog, though the attention of the owner will definitely make him feel better.