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10 Herbs Favored by Cats and Beneficial for Their Health

If you have a sunny garden, balcony, or window, you are in luck. You can grow herbs there. Herbs grow easily, delicious, and can be used as medicine for cats. In addition, herbal plants are good for cat health. Some of them can cure diseases in cats. However, remember that every cat is different, so check with your vet for the best results. Here are 10 plants that cats like and their benefits:



Catnip is the king of the cat plant. This plant is loved by cats because it can make them very happy. Catnip is likened to a … Read More

A Real Sign that Your Dog Is Depressed.

Dogs are one type of animal that can be made friends by humans. During this time the dog may be known to be sensitive to the mood of their owners. If the owner is sad, usually the dog will continue to be together and try to entertain the owner. As a good owner, are you also sensitive to your pet’s feelings? Because it turns out not only humans can be affected by depression, but your dog is also vulnerable to experience it, you know.

Some things that can make your dog depressed are left behind for a long time by … Read More