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Puppy Proofing Your Home

By Mia Morales on Jul 1, 2022

Puppies are fun and excitement personified. But there is nothing like the curiosity of a puppy and the trouble it can get into when that curiosity is allowed to run rampant. Puppies are not only able to make huge messes around the house, but they can also be a danger to themselves. This is why it is necessary to puppy-proof your home. 

Protect Your Puppy From Poison 

The level of work that is needed to puppy-proof your house depends a lot on how you organize your home. If you have lived in your home for a long time and are not quite sure where all the dangers are, it is best to take inventory and start with all the things that are poisonous which include chemicals and, potentially, plants. Take these items and store them out of your puppy’s reach. If you are a first time home buyer who has recently purchased a home and a puppy, plan to unpack with your puppy in mind, and keep all poisonous items up high and out of reach. The same search must be undertaken for sharp items as well. 

 Protect Your Puppy From Choking Hazards

Your curious, furry friend will also try to eat a lot of things. Anything that the puppy can swallow or choke on must be kept from the floor and out of the puppy’s reach. Small toys, jewelry, socks–yes, some dogs eat socks–and other choking hazards are a few things to keep an eye out for. Every item that a dog can swallow does not necessarily harmlessly pass through the digestive system, so this is really a vital matter for your dog’s health. 

Protect Your Puppy From Electrocution

Other important items to check and put away are electrical cords. Put away items that previously sat unplugged and tightly fasten any loose cords that your puppy may be tempted to turn into a chew toy. This is, of course, a matter of keeping the puppy from being electrocuted. Do whatever you need to do to keep the cords out of your puppy’s reach. 

Protect Your Puppy Using Deterrents 

Puppies teethe just like babies do, so keeping them from chewing and hurting themselves or chewing and destroying things will be a constant challenge. One way to keep the puppy from chewing your furniture and other household items safe is to use natural deterrents–scents and smells that the puppy will not like. There are natural scents and tastes that will repel your pup from even the most chewable items. This is not just a matter of protecting your things, but it is also to protect your puppy because, as previously mentioned, your puppy may swallow things that are dangerous, which include bits of furniture and pillow stuffing. 

Protect Your Puppy With Gates

A great way to keep your puppy safe from your home and your home safe from your puppy is to use a pet gate. These can be used to keep a puppy in a safe place or out of a dangerous one. Keeping doors closed is another way to manage this, but doors are not always easy to remember to keep closed or need to be left open. Gates can give you the freedom to safely leave doors open or keep your puppy in a room without a door.

Protect Your Puppy With Exercise

One last suggestion for how to puppy-proof your home is to get your puppy plenty of exercise. Now, this may seem unrelated to puppy-proofing your home, but it is directly connected to your puppy’s curious tendencies. A well-exercised puppy will be much calmer when it comes into the house. The puppy will associate outdoors with play and curiosity and inside with rest and comfort. You cannot exercise out all of the puppy’s curiosity, so all other puppy-proofing is necessary, but this is one step that will make the other necessary steps more effective. 

Puppies are great additions to a home, but the home must be a safe place for the puppy. Do what you need to do to keep your puppy safe from the very first day at home. 

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