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Sharing adoptable pets on Facebook – Adopt-a-Pet.com Blog

If you are with a shelter or rescue and are looking for our “Facebook (Static HTML app) instructions” – Facebook has discontinued support of that feature. Please use either method below to share your My Pet List or individual pets.

You can save a life right now by helping shelter pets get seen on your favorite social networking sites!

  1. Use AdoptaPet.com to search for a dog, cat, or other pet that needs a home.
  2. Choose a pet you want to help from the results. Click on the pet to see their full page.
  3. On the pet’s page, click on a social media button to help the pet get seen and adopted! They look like this:

If you want to help a specific shelter or rescue, you can share that organization’s entire pet list on Facebook! Here’s how:

  1. Go to https://www.adoptapet.com/animal-shelters and search for shelter or rescue.
  2. Click on a shelter or rescue name in the results list.
  3. Copy their URL from your browser. The URL will look like https://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/ and then some numbers. (On an iPhone, “copy” is from the center share icon at the bottom).
  4. Log in to your Facebook, and create a post. Paste their URL so there will be a clickable link, and type why you are sharing those pets!

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