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Tennis is a game that is enjoyed by people of different social classes. The game has attracted various audiences with the main competition pitting the well known tennis champions. The field doesn’t require much construction since it’s just the courts, the net and the platform for the marksman. You will get the overall score after the three sets are over. The sets played will take around thirty to sixty minutes. The period given for the tennis match to end is between two to three hours. This time period occurs when there is a winner in the sets that have been played. When the players have played and completed the three sets and there is no winner the game will extend to two extra sets leading to five hours of play. Such instances are rare but they do occur. A coin has to be tossed so that the game can begin with the side that worn the score serving on their end.
Four points are needed for you to win the tennis game. When the points are equal a deuce will be established in the set and the players have to accrue two more points to win the set. Two consecutive points have to be made so that the deuce can be broken and the set completed if one point is made and lost then the points will remain at four scores. Points are gotten when the ball hits the other side of the court and the player misses. Failure to hit the court on the other side results in losing a point and opponent gaining a point. Points can also be lost when the ball hits the net it gets to the outside part of the lines drawn on the court. You have to be trained in order to play tennis. Most tennis country club have trainers who will help you understand the rules of the game and how it is played.
The tennis country club will provide other amenities which may include spa, squash and swimming. Ensure that you have the equipment required to play this game which mainly includes the tennis attire, racquet and tennis ball. The tennis country club also has the tennis attires and equipment you need to play the game. When you have trained properly and won the tennis competitions in your country, you can now participate in the major games. There are certain requirement you need to fulfill before getting to the major tournament. The organizers of the main competition can also invite you to participate in such an event.

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