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7 Water Activities to Try With Your Dog on a Hot Day

By Mia Morales on Sep 16, 2022

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When the day is hot and you have some downtime, it can present the perfect opportunity to play in the water with your pet dog. You can choose to stay home or go somewhere with a dog-friendly pool or beach.

If you need help thinking of different canine water activities to try, let this article be your guide. The next time it is hot outside and you want to hang out with your pooch, consider giving these ideas a try.


If you have a nearby river or lake, sharing a canoe ride with your dog can be a fun experience. Of course, think about your dog’s general behavior and temperament before giving this a try. Also, make sure to bring a collar, leash and some food and fresh water. After considering safety and necessities, grab a book and get ready to enjoy a relaxing ride with your dog.

Free-Style Swimming

Swimming and water activities with your dog do not have to be serious. Because most dogs have a natural ability to doggie paddle, your dog might simply enjoy free-style swimming without any goal or direction in mind. If you go to a dog-friendly beach, make sure to keep a close eye on your furry friend. In general, dog swimming styles are unique to each pooch.

Dog Diving

If your dog is an advanced swimmer, he or she may enjoy retrieving underwater weighted toys. After many dogs become accustomed to swimming, diving occurs more naturally. Whether you already have a swimming pool at home or you are in the process of looking for pool builders near me, having a personal pool can make a good practice space for your dog. Plus, it can be one more reason to have one!


Boats do not have to only be fun for you and your human family members and friends. They are great for dogs, too. For boat owners, bringing your dog along can offer him or her a chance to enjoy diving into deeper water than in a swimming pool. With boating, you can also include the sports of towing and retrieval. Depending on your location, free-style swimming can also combine well with a boat.


Calling all surfers! If you own a surfboard, bringing your dog along on your next trip to the water can be one more fun activity for the two of you to enjoy together. It can be an entertaining challenge to try teaching him or her how to balance on the board. Depending on you and your dog’s comfort and experience levels, there are many variations you can try with surfing. However, only try this water activity after you know that you and your dog can swim well.

Paddle boarding

If you like surfing, you will probably like paddle boarding. Somewhat similar, this activity also offers your canine the chance to balance on a board. One difference between the two water activities is that paddle boarding can seem easier because it does not require wind and waves. If you are looking for a way to enjoy a relaxing and calm ride with your pet, this is a great idea to try.

Search and Rescue

If you want to help out a good cause, another thing that water loving dogs can do while in the water is train in search and rescue methods. If you would like your dog to have this skill set, there are organizations that offer training. Search and rescue training gives your dog the ability to help people in water and drowning emergencies.

If you have been thinking about taking your dog to the beach, you should definitely do it. Enjoying the water with your dog can be a great way for you both to cool off and get some exercising. At the same time, you can also improve your bond with your pet. What could be better than that?

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