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8 Surprising Ways Your Cats Show You Affection

The biggest argument for those who don’t really like cats is that cats don’t love their owners as much as dogs. In fact, cats love their owners too, it’s just that in a different way.

Of course, a cat will not run excitedly when you get home from work. The cat also doesn’t bite the ball and give it to you as a sign of wanting to play. Cats have their way.

Launching from Bestlifeonline, here are some surprising ways cats show their love for you:

14 Surprising Ways Your Cat Shows Affection | Best Life

1. Their eyes blink slowly at you

Don’t worry if the pet cat is staring at you closely. As threatening as it may seem, this is actually their way of showing you that they love you.

Russell Hartstein, CEO of Fun Paw Care explains about cat behavior like this is the way they communicate while showing affection. And if you even slowly blink back at the cat, this shows your cat that he is loved and safe around you.

2. They show their butts

You may not really like it when you look at the back of your cat, but this is another way they show their love. Chewy’s pet expert Nikki Naser explains that if your cat regularly shows its rump, it means they feel comfortable around you and are trying to let you know that you are their ‘favorite human’.

3. Their tail curves when near you or they surround you with their tail

When cats approach you with their tails straight up and slightly curved at the end, they are signaling that they are at peace with you.

Or if you ever find a cat around you with its tail curled, don’t be bothered by it. Boriana Slabakova, co-founder of PetPedia says this is the way cats communicate just like humans hold hands.

4. They bite your hand

When a cat really loves someone, it shows it through a “love bite.” They will do it with your mark when you caress them. This is an indication that they don’t want you to take your hand.

5. They pee on your things

It sounds annoying, but when you come across a puddle of cat urine, it’s their way of showing you they think of you as a member of the family. This is because cats mark territorial boundaries with pee.

So when you leave them alone at home, they’ll pee on something in the hope that the ‘family pee scent’ will bring you back home, to them.

6. They ‘massage’ you

Cats give you a massage to show they need you. This is the action they start doing as kittens while breastfeeding. So, it was a gesture that reminded them of a time when they were satisfied.

7. They brought dead animals

According to Emily Parker, content manager at Catological, giving you their prey is a way of rewarding. This is because in the wild, food is valuable and most of the cat’s time is spent hunting.

When they bring their ‘gifts’, they do it only with those closest to them. It’s a sign they care about you.

8. They snore near you

Cat’s purr has “healing properties.” So when they snore near you, this most likely indicates that they are happy to be around you.