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9 Best Brushes for Long Hair Dogs in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks | Pet Keen

We love our dogs and their gorgeous, long coats. However, many long-haired dog owners often forget how necessary regular brushing is. It helps you detect skin conditions early, keeps your dog looking neat and tidy, and of course, reduces shedding—which your clothes and furniture surely appreciate!

When preparing for a new dog or updating their “essentials list,” don’t skip on a good brush because you’re going to need to use it several times a week. There are many different types of dog brushes on the market, but not all of them are suitable for long-haired dogs.

To keep things simple, we’ve narrowed down your search to the nine best brushes for long-haired dogs. We’ve also explained what you should look for in a brush at the end, so keep reading.

A Glance at Our Winners in 2022

The 9 Best Brushes for Long Hair Dogs

1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush – Best Overall

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

Brush Type: Slicker Brush
Size: Regular
Materials: Stainless Steel, Metal
Self-Cleaning: Yes

There’s little better than a product that serves both you and your dog well, and the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush does just that, which is why it’s our best overall brush for long hair dogs. The thin bristles are designed in such a way that it brushes deep into the coat and removes loose hair and dander while also smoothing the coat out. The stainless steel bristles are gentle on your dog’s skin and shouldn’t cause any irritation to it.

Owners love this brush because it has a self-cleaning button and an anti-slip handle, keeping your wrist pain-free, even when the brushing takes more time and effort due to difficult tangles and mats. That said, we found that the button can become finicky over time.

  • Can be used on all pets
  • Benefits both dogs and their owners
  • Brushes deep into the coat
  • Gentle on the skin
  • It has a self-cleaning button and anti-slip handle
  • The button can become finicky over time

2. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush – Best Value

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush

Brush Type: Combo Brush
Size: Large
Materials: Plastic
Self-Cleaning: No

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush offers both stainless steel pins and nylon bristles for an affordable price, making it the best brush for long hair dogs for the money. The stainless steel pins help brush through all the tangles, while the nylon bristles smooth out the coat and spread the natural oils across the body. The brush works well on long, curly, or wiry coats.

The bristles can tend to be a bit stiff, but the pins are gentle because of the safety tips. The handle is padded and comfortable to grip, making brushing your dog frequently less of a chore and far more enjoyable.

  • Dual-sided
  • The pins are gentle on your dog’s skin
  • The handle is padded and comfortable to grip onto
  • Affordable
  • The bristles can be a bit stiff and uncomfortable

3. FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool – Premium Choice

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

Brush Type: Deshedding Brush
Size: Large
Materials: Stainless Steel, Metal
Self-Cleaning: Yes

Many brushes can be used on a variety of pets, but the FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool is specially designed for dogs to reduce their excessive shedding, which is especially useful in the summer months when they lose their winter coats. You won’t have to pull the loose hair out of the brush yourself because it has a button that releases the hair for you.

This product doesn’t cause damage to your dog’s topcoat as it moves through it to the undercoat and is highly effective at removing loose hair. The brush is curved to move over your dog’s body naturally, and the skin guard prevents the skin from becoming irritated. However, you shouldn’t use it daily but rather 1–2 times a week.

  • Removes loose hair and reduces shedding
  • Specially designed for dogs
  • The curve allows the brush to move over your dog’s body naturally
  • Self-cleaning button
  • Cannot be used as a daily-use brush
  • Expensive

4. Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush – Best for Puppies

Li'l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

Brush Type: Slicker Brush
Size: Small
Materials: Plastic
Self-Cleaning: No

Even a little puppy can have a long coat, and that’s why the Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush is so useful. Its small size helps you brush through your puppy’s coat and easily reaches smaller areas that a larger brush would struggle to get to, such as the joint areas.

The wire pins are flexible and contour to their body, making brushing easy and gentle. The pins have plastic tips to prevent skin irritation while massaging it and detangling the hair. Although suitable for puppies, the small proportions make it an excellent brush for small dog breeds. However, it would be very time-consuming if it were to be used on a large breed as you’ll have a larger surface to cover and will need to remove the hair from the brush more frequently.

  • The small brush size allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas
  • Flexible wire pins that contour
  • Affordable
  • Not appropriate for large dog breeds

5. Safari Soft Slicker Brush for Dogs

Safari Soft Slicker Brush for Dogs, Large

Brush Type: Slicker Brush
Size: Large
Materials: Plastic
Self-Cleaning: No

A brush suitable for a variety of hair lengths is the Safari Soft Slicker Brush for Dogs. It’s useful to have a brush for your large dogs, regardless of their hair length, to avoid wasting money on a separate brush for each one. Not only does this brush remove mats and tangles from your dog’s coat, but it also aids in reducing hair from your home, clothes, and furniture.

You can use this brush on a daily basis, and because the stainless steel pins have coated tips, it won’t irritate their skin. The pins may be a bit too closely spaced for some thicker hair types, though, preventing them from easily going through the hair.

  • Suitable for a variety of dog hair lengths
  • Removes mats and tangles and reduces shedding
  • Can be used daily
  • Some owners report the pins are too close together

6. ConairPRO Pet-It Dog Metal Pin Brush

ConairPRO Pet-It Dog Metal Pin Brush

Brush Type: Pin Brush
Size: Regular
Materials: Steel, Metal
Self-Cleaning: No

Some dogs don’t enjoy being brushed as much as other dogs do. If your dog is one of these, the ConairPRO Pet-It Dog Metal Pin Brush may be a better option for you. This brush fits in your palm and comfortably slips through your fingers to secure itself(there is no handle), which gives your dog the impression that you’re petting them instead of brushing them. They’ll feel loved while receiving the maintenance they need.

The capped tips are gentle on the skin while the pins move through the coat and remove knots and dirt. You can use this brush daily but may struggle with its size if you have very large hands.

  • A great alternative to standard brushes
  • The pins are capped and gentle on the skin
  • Can be used daily
  • May not fit comfortably if you have large hands
  • The unconventional design may not appeal to everyone

7. Safari Flexible Slicker Dog Brush

Safari Flexible Slicker Dog Brush

Brush Type: Slicker Brush
Size: Medium
Materials: Plastic
Self-Cleaning: No

The Safari Flexible Slicker Dog Brush is medium in size and offers two curved pin types with one side softer than the other for more variety and freedom in your brushing. The brush works well at removing loose hair, and the flexible head follows the contours of your dog’s body.

The pins don’t have coated tips and aren’t the best option for dogs that have sensitive skin. However, it brushes through and untangles fur with only a few strokes. The brush is well made and long-lasting. It has a comfortable handle with a non-slip grip for your convenience and can be used on different pets.

  • Dual-sided head
  • Flexible head
  • Gets the job done quickly and easily
  • Well made
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • The pins aren’t coated and may irritate sensitive skin
  • Pricey

8. Bass Brushes Style & Detangle Dog Oval Brush

Bass Brushes Style & Detangle Dog & Cat Oval Brush, Bamboo-Dark Finish

Brush Type: Detangle Brush
Size: Medium
Materials: Wood
Self-Cleaning: No

For a brush with a premium look, the Bass Brushes Style & Detangle Dog Oval Brush is a great option. It has a natural bamboo handle, making it eco-friendly, durable, and sturdy. Suitable for medium to long-haired coats, the pins work well at getting knots out and can be used to style your dog’s coat. It also massages your dog’s skin and helps remove dander.

The brush is easy to handle because it’s lightweight and comfortable to hold. It’s an excellent choice for both cats and dogs and is a brilliant gift for any pet owner. Unfortunately, it’s not self-cleaning, and you’ll have to pull the hair out of the pins yourself.

  • Natural bamboo handle
  • Eco-friendly, durable, and sturdy
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use

9. Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs

Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs

Brush Type: Pin Brush
Size: Small
Materials: Plastic
Self-Cleaning: No

This Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs is small in size and a great choice for small to medium-sized dog breeds. However, it’s also available in a large size if needed. Unlike some brushes that can cause damage to your dog’s hair while untangling, this brush is gentle and gets the knots out without pulling hair out in the process.

The pins are firm and can easily move through thick coats. It moves down deep into the coat and reaches tangles that brushes with shorter pins can easily miss. It doesn’t have coated tips which are great for friction prevention but can be a bit harsh on your dog’s skin. The brush is affordable and can even be used in water.

  • Available in small and large sizes
  • Detangles without pulling out hair
  • The pins are firm and move deep into the coat
  • Affordable
  • The pins can be a bit harsh on your dog’s skin if you’re not being gentle

divider-dog pawBuyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Brush for Long Hair Dogs

There are several different brush types on the market, with each type designed for a specific purpose and what may work on one type of hair length may not work as well on another. It’s important to get the brush that’s right for your dog. We’re going to discuss what types of brushes to look out for regarding your long hair dog.

The Best Brush Types for Your Long-Haired Dog

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are a must for dogs that have hair that mats and tangles easily because of their short bristles. They’re available with plastic or wire bristles and perform well with thick, curly long hair. Most of these brushes are self-cleaning, which benefits the owner as it makes removing the hair from the brush so much easier. They also come in various brush head shapes.

Pin Brushes

Similar to human brushes is the pin brush. Instead of having bristles that are close together as with the slicker brush, these bristles are more widely spaced. This type of brush helps remove loose hair as well as debris and distributes the natural oils throughout your dog’s coat.

Deshedding Brushes

These brushes shouldn’t be used as frequently as the other brushes listed, as the harder bristles can irritate your dog’s skin if used frequently. These bristles move through the topcoat and undercoat layers to remove loose hairs and reduce shedding.

Combo Brushes

Two-in-ones are always handy. Combo brushes are double-sided, with one side with soft bristles and the other with a pin brush. Although soft bristles aren’t too effective at brushing through and detangling a long-haired coat, they are good at bringing out the shine.

What To Look Out For

Size: If you have a small breed dog, a large brush size is going to be uncomfortable to use, and you won’t be able to reach certain areas well. If your brush is too small, you’ll have to remove hair much more frequently than if you had an appropriately sized brush.

Material: There are brushes with nylon or stainless-steel bristles and ones with rubber or plastic tips. If your long-haired dog has a thick coat, the stainless-steel bristles may work better at removing loose hair.

Convenience: It makes a big difference if the brush you have is easy and comfortable to use and simple to clean. Self-cleaning brushes aren’t a requirement, but they make the process so much more pleasant. Handles with padding also prevent your hand from getting sore.

dog brush on a wooden surface
Image Credit: fur-care, Pixabay

Why Should I Brush My Dog’s Long Hair Regularly?

Regular brushing benefits both you and your dog. Not only does it help you stay on top of your dog’s skin health because you’re able to observe its condition during brushing, but it helps you spot fleas, prevent tangling and matting, spread natural oils, remove dirt and debris, reduce shedding, and increases circulation in the skin.

If you’re regularly brushing, you’re able to notice things that need attention. If their skin is red, inflamed, or flaky, you may need to change their shampoo as it could be drying out their skin. The problem may even be in their diet as they might not be receiving certain nutrients needed for good skin health, or they may have a sensitivity to something. Take them to the veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If you notice fleas, you’re able to get a tick and flea collar to rid them from your dog before they cause further discomfort. You’re also able to act quickly and take the necessary measures in your house before the fleas get out of control.

Lastly, don’t see brushing your dog as a chore but rather something to look forward to. It’s a lovely opportunity to bond with your best friend!

How Often Should I Brush My Long-Haired Dog?

The general rule is that you should brush your long-haired dog at least once a week. However, there is nothing wrong with brushing them more regularly or even daily. More importantly, you should brush your dog when you can see that they need it.

Other factors that play a role in how often you should brush your dog are based on the length of their coat, their coat type, and their activities.

If your dog’s long hair is curly and prone to tangling and matting, such as with the Poodle, you’ll need to brush it daily. Whereas dogs with long straight hair, such as the Border Collie, should be brushed around three times a week.

If your dog lays around the house, they’ll need less brushing than dogs that enjoy running around outside in the wind and dirt. You’ll need to brush their hair to remove the tangles and debris from their coats.

Long hair is more prone to matting and tangling than short hair and requires more grooming. Brush gently in sections to brush out knots without hurting your dog.



With so many different brushes available, we’ve picked the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush as our best overall option because it serves both you and your dog well with its gentle bristles and convenient self-cleaning feature. The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush offers more than one bristle type for an affordable price, and the FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool is specially designed for dogs and the reduction of shedding.

We hope these brush options for long hair dogs help you find the perfect one for your dog.

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