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Boerboel Dog For Sale: Things Owners Need to Know

If you are looking for the right kinds of canine to purchase for yourself or for your loved one, you might want to consider getting a big dog like Boerboel. This animal is one of the most loyal dogs people can own. Whether a person is a first-time owner or a long-time canine lover, this breed would bring joy to them and their family. Listed below are some things people should know before they buy their own Boerboel pup.

They are very protective and loyal canine

This breed is known as a reliable guard dog. They have a very protective characteristic towards their owner’s family and are pretty loyal their entire lives. People can depend on them to protect their family or loved ones, as well as their properties from thieves and intruders.

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This dog has a muscular body and good looks

This breed is considered one of the most active breeds of canines. They reflect these characteristics in their posture and muscular bodies. With the right exercise and diet, they can strut around with confidence and proper posture to back up with strength and speed.

They need regular exercise

Since they are an active breed, Boerboels should maintain their excellent health and body with proper exercise as part of their regular routine. They have tons of stored energy in their muscles, and they need their own outlet. They can release it through regular exercise.

Doing this will make sure that they stay happy and have a good time even when they are inside their owner’s house. Taking them to the park for a walk will improve their bodies and physical health and teach them the right social skills. Their aggressive, as well as protective nature may be toned down by exposing them to humans and other dogs regularly.

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Regular runs are strongly advised, along with walking in the park or playing fetch, to help them fully exercise their healthy bodies. These kinds of dogs are perfect for individuals who lead an active lifestyle, like marathoners and long-distance runners.

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The breed originated from South Africa

These dogs originally come from South Africa. They were employed to guard and protect families in the area, especially people with farmlands. Their fierceness and strength give them the ability to protect their masters against human intruders and dangerous animals. Despite adapting to a comfortable and modern lifestyle today, they can still be used as guard dogs and protect families and homes because of their protective nature and intense loyalty.

They need tons of food

If you are a proud owner of this type of dog or looking for a Boerboel dog for sale, make sure you are prepared to feed them with huge amounts of food regularly. Because of their high energy and massive size, their bodies need tons of nutrients to support their regular activities. High-quality products like dry dog food are essential because they will make sure they are healthy and have good dental health, which will be pretty risky if you feed them wet food.

Regular training is a must

If a person plans on getting this kind of dog for their family, firm and consistent training is a must. Balanced training techniques are advised for training them, which will make sure owners have control and take advantage of their aggressive and strong nature. Rewarding them for proper response or behavior can help, especially at the start of the learning process, while also carefully providing aversive pressure as necessary to help prevent negative behavior.

Manhandling, giving severe punishments, and other harsh treatments may negatively affect their temperament. It may lead to violent and unwanted behavior. Consider the weight and size of these canines before deciding to buy one. Since they are above average in weight and size, Boerboel tends to grow heavy and big.

They usually weigh in more or less 150 pounds when fully grown, with heights of 25 to 30 inches. Keep in mind that buying this type of canine usually requires bigger than normal playing grounds and accommodation spaces. Their skin pigments are dark with common colors like red and brown. If you are looking for a magnificent breed to purchase, you would be making an excellent choice in choosing the Boerboel breed.