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How to offer support when a mass shooting occurs

The first line of support in many cases of mass shootings is to financially help the victims’ families, those injured and the communities where the tragedy took place. Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe are good places to ensure money goes directly into the hands of the families that have been personally impacted.

To support families of the Uvalde tragedy, GoFundMe has verified fundraisers for those affected here:

Robb Elementary School Shooting
Texas Elementary School Shooting Victims Fund

To support families of the Buffalo tragedy, GoFundMe has a verified Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund established by the National Compassion Fund:

Buffalo 5-14 Survivors Fund

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County has also established The Buffalo Together Community Response Fund which supports the community in the predominantly Black neighborhood where the shooting took place:

Buffalo Together Community Response Fund

Donate blood

Besides financial support, blood donation is another way to provide help. Look for local blood donation centers or drives, which can help hospitals prepare for emergencies demanding large amounts of blood. In Texas, people can donate blood to South Texas Blood and Tissue.
In Buffalo, the ConnectLife blood and organ donor network is looking for donors year-round.


Simply being informed and educated about mass shootings’ contributing factors can empower you to help. There are many non-profits working to avert the next Uvalde, Buffalo, Parkland or Sandy Hook shooting. Identify the issues that resonate most with you and find ways to support those causes.

There are many ways for you to make your voice heard.

June 2nd is “Wear Orange Day,” kicking off National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend. A grassroots movement founded the annual event in 2015. Since then, it has served as a time to learn about gun violence’s varied, complex causes and possible solutions.

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